FRL Air Treatment

General Information

Keeping your air supply in top condition. Endless possibilities to combine all from Safety Shut-off valve to Filter/Regulator to Lubricator. All with easy assembly clamps and various mounting Brackets. CEJN offers ready units for easy installation, all from the simple Filter/Regulator with Safety Shut-off Valve to a Filter/Regulator combined with a diverter block to get oil free air and Lubricator to have pre-oiled air for your air tools. Virtually every industry, e.g. manufacturing, food, processing, carpentry, paper mills, etc., relies on compressed air as an energy source. In a shared compressed air network, with numerous outlets and an extensive pipe work system, air treatment units are especially important.





Max. working pressure

12 – 20 bar (174 – 290 PSI)

Max. working pressure @ 23°C

10 – 16 bar (145 – 232 PSI)

Max. working pressure @ 50°C

 10 – 12 bar (145 – 174 PSI)


Compressed air, neutral gas, Air & Neutral Gas

Material body

Aluminium, Polymer

Condensate drain

Automatic, Manual And semi automatic 

Lubrication oil

Without aggressive additives, Non-detergent type without aggressive additives, VG32 – ISO3448 

Detailed Specs
Air treatment products, also known as air preparation devices, have important functions in the compression cycle. When installed correctly, they ensure smooth, economical operation without interruption and a reliable energy source with the following vital functions:

Endless combinations available to match your compressed air requirements

FRL Systems – Ready-to-use air treatment solutions

CEJN FRL systems combine a shut-off valve, filter, regulator and lubricator in a ready-to-use set, ideal when space is limited. The shut-off valve provides shut-off to downstream machinery, the filter removes any debris and water, the regulator ensures an adequate pressure level and the lubricator enables constant and proportional oil delivery; together they provide you with clean air and an efficient system that will extend the service life of air-powered tools and equipment.

Shut-off valve (lockable) + Filter/Regulator

Shut-off valve (lockable) + Filter/Regulator + Lubricator

Filter/Regulator & Lubricator

Shut-off valve (lockable) + Filter/Regulator

Shut-off valve (lockable) + Filter/Regulator + Lubricator

Filter/Regulator & Lubricator