Chemical & Petrochemical

Chemical & Petrochemical

Chemical & Petrochemical

For any process equipment manufacturer, the chemical industry presents an impressive array of demanding challenges. These include speeding up batch cycles, combating the effects of corrosive fluids, and complying with strict environmental regulations. Trimteck responds to these challenges with a unique portfolio of control valve solutions engineered to cover the broad spectrum of chemical industry requirements: top-guided, unbalanced globe valve trim – including micro flow – to ensure an accurate CV and flow characterization; valve bodies and trim manufactured from exotic, anti-corrosive alloys; a proprietary CVD-5B Metal Hardening Process to counter the abrasive effects of solids in suspension; and GuardMaster Metal Bellows Seal variants to eliminate stem leakage


Regardless of what type of control valve our applications engineers recommend for your application, the goal is the same: to provide an efficient, reliable and long lasting solution, which will increase product yield, quality and consistency while helping to protect plant personnel and the environment.

We build a comprehensive line of control valves – and variety of actuators, positioners, severe service trims, and other accessories – that our applications engineers and representatives use to solve even the most complex process control problems quickly and economically.

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